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One of the most exciting things for me about New Years Eve is choosing my Bible reading plan for the coming year. Did you know that you can read the Bible cover to cover in seventy hours? That’s not the plan I chose for this year, but it is interesting. Some of my favorite blogs and websites are loaded with suggestions for people like me who are always on the lookout for a “better” plan, one that doesn’t have me jumping all over the Bible. We all process differently: I need order, chronology, cohesion.

I happened upon a reading plan a few years ago called The World’s Best Bible Reading Program. Basically, you read a single book of the Bible every day for a month, asking different questions each day, examining themes, etc., and then applying what you’ve learned to your life. You continue doing this until you’ve read through the entire Bible. Then you start over again. It probably is the world’s best Bible reading plan, but you will need to cut back on sleep if you already have a busy schedule.

Today, however, I found a plan that I’m really looking forward to using in 2017 – 2018. It’s the Two-Year Bible Reading Plan found on The Gospel Coalition website. You can download it here. This plan encourages not only reading, but meditating on each of the daily passages. A helpful addition to the plan is the book How to Read the Bible Book by Book. This is available in hard copy or on Kindle here. And speaking of meditation, I’d like to throw in a Puritan quote for good measure.

A Christian without meditation is like a solider without arms, or a workman without tools. Without meditation the truths of God will not stay with us; the heart is hard, and the memory is slippery, and without meditation all is lost.  Thomas Watson

Brian is going to stick to his ESV app that has a built-in Bible reading plan, which works well for him since he has it with him wherever he goes. I’m going old school in 2017 with a printed copy of the two-year plan, check boxes and all.

Here are some links to additional Bible reading plans that may interest you.

5x5x5 from Discipleship Journal

Bible in a Year Plan

Chronological Bible Reading Plan from Back to the Bible

Heartlight Bible Reading Plan

Historical Plan

Legacy Reading Plan

McCheyne Bible Reading Plan

Another helpful tool is an Outline of Biblical History. It’s simple and helps you to know where you are in the flow of biblical history as you read through your Bible.

Finally, The One Must-Read This Year is a great article giving seven reasons why we should read and meditate on Scripture every day of the year.







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