Valentine’s Day in the Czech Republic

Valentine’s Day in the Czech Republic is one of their newer holidays. Czech’s didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day until after the Velvet Revolution. That doesn’t mean they didn’t have a special day to express affection. Traditionally, this has been May 1st, known as International Labor Day as well as the “Day of Love.”

There are often superstitions accompanying Czech holidays and their “Day of Love” is no different. Couples look for a blossoming cherry tree and share a kiss there in order to assure happiness and health. Some Prague dwellers like to meet at the statue of Romantic poet Karl Hynek Macha.

Many Czechs have had trouble warming up to February 14th, viewing it as a foreign import with commercial underpinnings. But flower sales have been on the rise, so maybe over time Valentine’s Day will join May 1st as a Czech holiday tradition.

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