After Darkness, Light

Every day I need a fresh passion for the majesty and glory of God and His word. In the video below, John Piper walks the streets of Geneva and reminds us of the light that filled that city during the time of John Calvin. Calvin labored as an expositor of Scripture, making it the principal work of his life.

Charles Spurgeon often mentioned Calvin or Calvinism in his sermons.

John Calvin propounded truth more clearly than any other man who ever breathed, knew more of Scripture, and explained it more clearly. (Volume 10, Page 310)

We hold and assert again and again that the truth which Calvin preached was the very truth which the apostle Paul had long before written in his inspired epistles, and which is most clearly revealed in the discourses of our blessed Lord himself. (Volume 47, Page 398)

In Calvin’s own preaching and writing, he always pointed to our highest goal and end—the glory of God. When Calvin was expelled from Geneva, the bishop of Carpentras, Cardinal Sadolet, wrote a tract to the citizens of Geneva in an attempt to win them back into the Roman Catholic fold. In responding to Cardinal Sadolet, Calvin wrote:

It is not very sound theology to confine a man’s thoughts so much to himself, and not to set before him, as the prime motive for his existence, zeal to illustrate the glory of God. For we are born first of all for God, and not for ourselves. As all things flowed from him, and subsist in him, so, says Paul (Rom.11:36) they ought to be referred to him.

Calvin never wavered from this theme. At the end of his earthly life, he stated in his will that he had propounded what he “esteemed to be for the glory of God.”

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