Little Faith

What are you anxious about today? There are so many things to choose from, especially if you watch the news or skim the headlines on a news site. I was reading the Sermon on the Mount today and noticed that in the middle of Jesus talking about anxiety, He communicates something for us to ponder:  “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.”

Consider, weigh, ruminate.

I took time today to reflect on this passage by shooting some flowers that are in bloom. Just photographing them relaxed me. Each one is different from the other but they are all exquisite in color and shape and texture. Do you ever look closely at all the parts of a flower?  Occasionaly, I shoot with a macro lens that takes me close into the center. The intricacy is stunning.

Jesus goes on to say that the flowers are here today and gone tomorrow. Even though they are short-lived, God still dresses his flowering plants in splendor.  Why do we think He won’t take care of us? Jesus answers that question and says it’s because of our “little faith.” And right before He says that, He tells us that God will do “much more” for us than he does for the flowers.

God has taken care of His amazing creation from the beginning of time.  After doing what Jesus said–considering the “lilies”–my heart is calm and at peace.  He will certainly take care of me.

Thy Word is full of promises,
flowers of sweet fragrance,
fruit of refreshing flavor,
when culled by faith.

May I be made rich in its riches,
be strong in its power,
be happy in its joy,
abide in its sweetness,
feast on its preciousness,
draw vigor from its manna.

Lord, increase my faith.
(Valley of Vision, pg. 197)

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