In the Mind of a Man

A friend called the other day and asked if the terror attacks in Europe would be altering our plans to go to Prague. Actually, the thought never entered our minds. Earthy security is an illusion, a wishful notion, an impossible quest. The only place where a body and soul are safe and secure is in Christ, and that’s not a place on a map. However, the conversation made me think of Proverbs 19:21, “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand,” because plans have a way of changing without any input from us.

The supremacy of Christ overshadows all of life—every thought, decision, plan, hope, dream. And the truth is that God’s plans are often very different from our own. They’re bigger, deeper, wider, and more grand than anything we could come up with, and surprisingly, they feel more like a cross. I say surprisingly because we tend to forget that being a disciple of Jesus means taking up a cross—daily.

So we continue making our plans and walking through the doors as God opens them, but in the end, the purpose of the Lord will stand. We are simply called to trust and obey.

Thou God of my end,

Thou hast given me a fixed disposition
to go forth and spend my life for thee;
If it be thy will let me proceed in it;
if not, then revoke my intentions.
All I want in life is such circumstances
as may best enable me to serve thee in the world.
To this end I leave all my concerns in thy hand.

(Valley of Vision, pg. 178)


Proverbs 19_21

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