In the Days of Noah


One of our favorite places to visit is the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky. There are so many interesting exhibits that it really requires a couple of days to take it all in, but it’s time well spent.  And your kids will love it!

Below is a montage of photos from our last visit. For Sunday School teachers it can be a sensory-overload experience because you want to capture every detail, imprint them on your brain, and shower them on your students when you return home. Actually, it’s a great place to visit as a group if you’re able to pull off that kind of an exploit. If your in the states, consider adding the Ark Encounter to your itinerary. You’ll be glad you did.


As you teach your students the story of the great flood, focus on God’s covenant promises. When God judged the world for its wickedness and unbelief, He graciously kept Noah and his family safe in order to continue the covenant of redemption. The Lord extended grace to Noah and enabled him to live faithfully and obey His commands. Noah responded in obedience and worship because he believed that God would do exactly what He said He would do.

Below you will find an Ark craft that you can use in your Sunday School classes. It’s age appropriate for 1st grade students and under.  We’ve included both the painted and the blank Ark exterior. Crafts and visuals always help reinforce the truths you’ve taught your children.


This is a simple Ark craft that children love to make.  Most of the work is in the preparation.  The only supplies you will need are scissors, glue, and optionally, an X-acto knife.  Of course, you will want to cut the 3 lower sides of the windows and door at home for safety purposes.  If time permits, you can also use the blank Ark exterior and let the children color it any way they desire.


Completed Ark with windows and door open


nrw_Ark Front3
Right click and download; print on card stock.  Cut out the entire shape.  Then cut along the dotted lines on 3 sides (around windows and door), making sure to leave the top solid line intact.   This is best done with an X-acto knife.  (Refer to photo above.)


nrw_Ark Inside_animals
Right click and download.  Print on card stock.  This is the interior of the Ark.  Cut out and deposit glue in white areas.  Attach to the back of the Ark exterior, being careful with placement around windows and door.



nrw_Ark Front3_Blank
This is an alternate exterior if you would like your class to color the ark for themselves.  Right click and download.  Follow instructions given above.




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