VBS Memories

Actually, this isn’t a post about my childhood memories of VBS. Summer time is here, the temperatures are rising, and that means Vacation Bible School is right around the bend.

I wanted to share my favorite method for teaching children Bible verses, which is an important part of the lesson. I discovered this many years ago and began using it in Sunday School. The children loved it, and soon memorizing verses became the most popular 10 minutes of the Sunday School hour.

I think this method is most effective with children ages 7 and younger. It’s definitely well suited for non-readers.

To prepare, do a Google search for pictures of children or animals doing various things, such as closing their eyes, raising their hands or arms, looking up, looking down, flapping their wings, speaking loudly, speaking quietly, marching, etc. My class’s favorite picture is the chipmunk. Print the pictures on glossy 8 x 10 photo paper and then glue the pictures to card stock for stability.

Here are some of the pictures that I use.


Once assembled, keep the pictures in a stack. Have your class stand in a semi-circle in front of you.

Say the Bible verse two times for the children, then have them repeat it after you.

Now display the first picture and invite the children do whatever is being done in the photo as they say the Bible verse.




Move on to the next picture, imitate the action, and repeat the Bible verse.

Continue working through all the pictures.

I usually leave the marching picture for last and choose a line leader. I have the children march long enough to say the verse 3 times.

Back to the chipmunk. This is the one for which they all wait. When it surfaces, we put on our “chipmunk voices” and then say the verse at a high pitch. The children have such a great time imitating all the pictures and by the time we’re finished, they know the verse by heart. It’s a win-win activity.


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