Vacation Bible School: The King is Coming

Our church is known in the Charlotte area for hosting a wonderful Vacation Bible School each summer. Although most of our own church children participate, the majority of the students in attendance come from the surrounding community.

Our theme this year is “The King is Coming,” with lessons that begin in Genesis and end in Revelation. But before we march off to our classes each morning, we are treated to a theatrical performance starring our pastor’s wife. The performances focus on the main biblical emphases of the week and keep the children in daily suspense as to what will happen next. One child was overheard this morning saying, “I saw a real princess and she stood right in front of me!” That gives you a taste of how convincing our drama team can be.

Princess “Kris”

I have the privilege of team teaching this year with a dear friend and very gifted teacher, “Miss Lynne,” along with assistance from “Miss Lilly.”

Vacation_Bible _School_1

The children God brought to our class are as precious as ever. By the end of class they could tell us what God created on each of the six days and also remember that God rested from His work on day seven. This did solicit a question about the whole Saturday-Sunday change with one child sharing how her family prepares for Sunday worship on Saturday. That was music to our ears! Tomorrow takes on a more sober note as the children learn how sin entered the world.

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