Community Pool: August 21

Today we offer a broad mix of interesting subjects and events from around the world along with a beautiful song by the Gettys.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Eclipses

The Great American Eclipse is today! The moon’s shadow will cut a wide swath right through the center of the country to the delight, wonder, and fascination of millions of eclipse watchers. Here’s some Q & A about this spectacular celestial event.


Giving Might Be the Most Neglected and Least Modeled Spiritual Gift in the Western Church by Randy Alcorn

Suppose God wanted to fulfill His plan of world evangelization, reach the unreached, and help an unprecedented number of suffering people. What gifts would you expect Him to distribute more widely? Wouldn’t a primary one be the gift of giving? And what might you expect Him to provide for those to whom He’s given that gift? Why not unprecedented wealth to meet those needs and fund outreach to people of every tribe, nation, and language?


In the Steps of Charles Spurgeon (A Journal in Pictures)

Trevin Wax shares his tour experience.


America is Better, Right?

When God calls us to be the “salt of the earth” I believe there is a preservation aspect to that. And there have been Christians in America for a very long time. The Bakoum have not benefited from this preservation. Heaven and Hell are not even concepts in the minds of the Bakoum. In America, you might have someone say that they do not believe in Heaven and Hell, but in doing so they are denying a concept that already exists in their mind. The Bakoum do not have those categories.


I Ate 2,757 Meals in Isolation

“I was sentenced to death by North Korea but the sentence was commuted to life of hard labour. That too, was God’s grace,” pastor Hyeon Soo Lim said in a Korean address to his Mississauga church Sunday.


We Are Done with Chemo, and I’m a Little Bit Afraid

On April 14, 2014, this family’s world was turned upside down when they were told their little 5 year old boy had Leukemia.  Read this poignant account of their struggle and God’s abundant grace.


Shining Divine Light in the Darkest Places – Corrie Ten Boom

Corrie and Betsie ten Boom were imprisoned in Ravensbruck, the notorious Nazi women’s concentration camp, during WW2. Of the 130,000 prisoners incarcerated at Ravensbruck, only 40,000 survived the experience. But the ministry of Corrie and Betsie in the midst of such horror shows the incredible power of God’s Word to bring light and life to the darkest, most-desperate human situations.


Keith & Kristyn Getty, Moya Brennan – A Mother’s Prayer

Before you close your eyes to sleep
I have a promise still to keep
As I hold you in my arms.
I pray your little frame grows strong
And that faith takes hold while you are young;
This is my prayer for you.

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