Carl Trueman on the Reformation: Part Fifteen

Carl Trueman on the Reformation: Part Fourteen ]

In lecture 15, Dr. Trueman discusses the The Bondage of the Will. Part of this discussion includes the contrast between Augustine and Luther, Augustine focusing on the fall, Luther on the nature of our being (ontology). Luther believed Erasmus destroyed the Gospel because he made it something man can do, not something God does for man. Luther’s view of God hidden/God revealed is also tackled in some detail.

The lecture then transitions to the Reformation in Zurich, where Dr. Trueman discusses Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531), his background, and his vision for society. Did you know the Reformation in Zurich began with the eating of sausage? Not quite the 95 Theses, but still very interesting.

Statue of Zwingli in front of the Wasserkirche Church in Zurich

There are only four more lectures to go! We hope to complete this course by Reformation Day, October 31st.



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