Dipping into the Community Pool: September 18

There’s a lot to share this week, from the Protestant Reformation to Sally Quinn’s shocking admission that she’s an occultist.

A short and sweet account of how the Protestant Reformation began.


In the same vein, here’s an interesting article on Tetzel and his views on purgatory.


“Don’t Be Caught Without a Confession” by Michael Reeves3crosses_sm

Nothing Out of the Ordinary

“Many have postulated. And it’s probably best to conclude that theologian Al Gore is not inerrantly inspired. So is it the end times? Just about every generation makes that conclusion. And here we are.”


The Terrifying Power of Internet Censors


Download some sample pages of David Murray’s new Bible study books for children ages 6 – 12.  Exploring the Bible:  A Bible Reading Plan for Kids is a great aide for helping your children to read through the Bible.



Last but not least is the big news out of Washington D.C. this week that Sally Quinn, wife of the late Ben Bradlee, Washington Post executive editor, has written a book on her use of occult practices such as the hex and voodoo along with Tarot cards, visits with mediums (she claims she has “repeatedly” been in contact with Bradlee), contact with ghosts, Ouija boards, astrological charts, palm reading, talismans, etc.

If you’re not familiar with Quinn, she has been described by Washington insiders as the “gatekeeper of Washington society turned religion columnist and about-to-turn evangelist for mysticism, magic, and the divine.”

Quinn also blogs on religion at the Washington Post’s “On Faith” section.  Once an avowed atheist, she’s now into what she describes as “magic,” a word she uses for all religions.



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