Dipping into the Community Pool: September 23

Here’s a small collections of items that caught our attention this week.

Spurgeon and the Hurricane of 1878

“Charles Spurgeon can offer encouragement to those struggling in the storm. On Sunday, March 24, 1878, a hurricane struck London. At around 4:00 PM, Spurgeon was mediating on Scripture when the silence was broken “by the noise of doors and windows, and the terrible howling of the blast.”


Nabeel Qureshi

Ravi Zacharias Remembers His Young Protégé, Nabeel Qureshi




Technologically Efficient, Less Practically Efficient

“Much like security theatre – those annoying airport measures meant to elicit the feeling of safety among travellers rather than actually making them more safe – digital technology is about the illusion of accomplishing things “with the click of a button,” despite the reality that “button” may add an unnecessary and clunky step to what is already a simple process.”


Scientists Poke Holes in Natural Selection

New research published in the Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics, reveals survival is a lot more complicated, and natural selection is neither clear-cut nor provable.


Why doesn’t God just talk to me?

“Why doesn’t God just talk to me? Have you asked that before? Why should it require hundreds of years, a bunch of dead old guys from who knows where, and something called a “manuscript tradition,” for you to hear from God?”


What is the Gospel?

The gospel is absolutely fundamental to everything we believe, and it is at the very core of who we are as Christians. However, many professing Christians struggle to answer the simple question: What is the gospel?


What did the Reformation give to Christians? Joel Beeke explains in this video that the Reformation gave to Christians a “head, heart, and hand theology.”

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