Carl Trueman on the Reformation: Part Seventeen

Carl Trueman on the Reformation: Part Sixteen ]

Marburg Castle

In lecture 17, Dr. Trueman continues his lecture on Ulrich Zwingli. The Reformation leaders met for debate at Marburg Castle in 1529 because Philip of Hesse desired to unite the Protestant states in a political alliance. The Reformers were able to agree on 14 out of 15 items, but not on the Lord’s Supper. As a result, Protestantism was permanently divided.

Philip of Hesse

Dr. Trueman discusses each of the men’s views regarding the real presence of Christ in the supper as well as how the human and divine nature of Christ relate to each other, the communication of attributes.

Zwingli viewed the Lord’s Supper as a memorial and a public expression of the unity of the church. Owing to the simplicity of this view, many adopted it. But when he realized that the church would be split, history tells us he wept.

Luther'sLife.30.Dispute with Zwingli
Reformers at Marburg Castle, Luther and Zwingli Debate

Calvin solved the the geographical problem—where Christ’s real presence resided—through the work of the Holy Spirit, who makes Christ present to us in the supper as we feed on Him by faith.

Sadly, Zwingli died on the battlefield in 1531. He and Luther were never reconciled.



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