Dipping into the Community Pool: October 14

Here is a sprinkling of items we think you will find interesting and helpful, from Harvey Weinstein to gender dysphoria.



What the Church Can Learn from Weinsteingate

There are lots of lessons for the church to be mined from the Harvey Weinstein scandal. David Murray sheds light on a few important ones for us.




A Catechism on the Heart by Sinclair Ferguson

It is a truism to say that, in terms of our response to the gospel, the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart. But truism or not, it is true.



October Columns from Tabletalk Magazine

This issue of the magazine looks backwards and forwards, considering the history and impact of the Reformation as well as how it should shape the future of the church.



Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Crisis

“For decades, these centers have been hounded by militant abortion-rights groups. The National Abortion Rights Action League (now known as NARAL Pro-Choice America) has been especially aggressive. NARAL conducts ‘investigations,’ in which its activists pose as clients and then issue tendentious reports disparaging the centers’ work. But NARAL can show almost no complaints from the hundreds of thousands of authentic clients whom the centers have served.”



The Transgender Matrix: It’s Time to Choose the Red Pill

“People with gender dysphoria are encouraged to change genders so they can live happily ever after. In the trans-world, all inhabitants fashion their own “reality” based on their feelings and desires.”



Lord, Open European Eyes

“Europe in many ways is becoming “Eurabia,” with recent migration swelling the number of Muslims in Amsterdam and other cities. But while immigration is giving Islam a beachhead, some immigrants are reviving churches that had turned to sandcastles before a high tide of atheism.”



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