Carl Trueman and the Reformation: Part Eighteen

Carl Trueman on the Reformation: Part Seventeen ]

In lecture 18, Dr. Trueman enters the difficult terrain of Luther and the Jews. First, he explains the history of anti-Semitism in Europe, beginning in the 12th century. During this part of the lecture, he comments on blood libel, the stories that claimed Jews kidnapped Christian babies and sacrificed them. He continues through the 16th century, showing that anti-Semitism was the established norm throughout Europe.

Much helpful advise is given in addressing the questions that arise concerning Luther and whether he can be blamed for the Holocaust. Dr. Trueman recommends that one learn the conventions of any time period so that normalcy is understood, and then understand that things are more complicated than they appear. Moral stakes are very high when dealing with Holocaust history. Be careful and analyze all the factors that are involved when forming your conclusions.


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