Dipping into the Community Pool: October 28

I believe autumn has finally arrived in our neck of the woods, just in time for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation!  This week we offer you an eclectic mix of things we found interesting and helpful.  We hope they are for you as well.


What I learned in My Season of Depression by Shona Murray

“No one can anticipate the trials that God sometimes ordains. Yet when a particular trial comes our way, we are often taken completely by surprise. We may even wonder if this is indeed God’s plan or some random out-of-control event.”


Research Reveals the 5 Biggest Influencers on Your Child’s Spiritual Health

“What do you think makes the biggest impact on a child’s spiritual development? Dinner as a family? Parents who don’t miss special events? Having church friends? Being at a good Christian school? Being at a church with a vibrant kids and student ministry?”


Technology and the Spiritual Life

Listen to John Dyer as he explains how technology effects us spiritually.


The Unfortunate Consequences of Short-Sighted Bible Translation

“If our goal is not Bible translation, but strong churches, we will make different decisions. In fact, Wayne Dye (who has worked for over 30 years to encourage Scripture use) said in another lecture: “Sometimes teaching the Bible is more important than translating the Bible.” We need Bible translators that are committed to the long haul. Translators that are willing to stop translation at times when there is a need for teaching. Translators that work hand-in-hand with local churches and teach pastors how to interpret the Scriptures. We need translators that are willing to ask the question: ‘What is best for the church?’”


5 Common Misconceptions of Reformation Day

“For many people the date October 31 is significant not only for being the Eve of All Saints (All Hallows Eve, Halloween) but as the day in 1517 when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenburg. These theses were a list of arguments against the abuses of the papacy as it was in the early 16th century, largely centering on the sale of indulgences by the Roman Church. The 95 theses were quickly copied and distributed with the emerging printing press, and soon became a manifesto of sorts for the reform of the church in Europe.”


How Holocausts Happen by Phil Moore

“Still at a loss as to how the holocaust could have happened, I took a long drive from Auschwitz to a villa on the shores of Lake Wannsee, about half an hour from Berlin. If you know your history, then you will know that it was in this villa that fifteen civil servants met for biscuits and coffee on 21st January 1942 and took less than ninety minutes to agree ‘the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem’.”


Frank Stephens’ Opening Statement on Down Syndrome

Watch this heartwarming speech by Frank Stephens, who has Down Syndrome, as he testifies on Capitol Hill about his life experience and the importance of scientific research in the area.


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