Dipping into the Community Pool: November 11

Can you believe it’s almost the middle of November?  We have another eclectic mix for your weekend perusing.  The first article is very convicting so we hope you will give it some thought.  Also, consider purchasing the video series on the apostle Paul.  We are really enjoying our “travels” to all the New Testament cities where Paul took the Gospel.  Plus, the price is right!


You Can’t Reform What You Won’t Touch

“Individual, congregational, or cultural reform does not occur simply by lobbing doctrinal cannonballs from the pulpit to the pews or, worse yet, from one computer screen across cyberspace toward the screen of an intended target. Rather, you have to get messy and touch what you desire to see changed.”


All hail the Godbot: In Silicon Valley artificial intelligence isn’t just king, it’s literally a new religion.

“It has no church, no worshipers, no doctrine, no scripture, and no rituals. But Anthony Levandowksi, the multi-millionaire engineer who secretly founded it in 2015, and today serves as president and CEO, has a track record of predicting and capitalizing on the future, as he did for example in the self-driving car industry.”


The Relationship between Sin and Work

“The first chapters of Genesis are important to Christians for many reasons. Genesis 1-2 tells us what God originally intended for us as His creatures. Genesis 3 is vital in telling us what went wrong in the world. In short, the world has been cursed by the fall of Adam into sin.”


Augustine’s Handbook for Life


Con Cambell’s Video Series: In Pursuit of Paul the Apostle

We purchased this seven episode video series this week and highly recommend it to you. Con is an ancient Greek language expert and presents the historical-cultural setting of the New Testament throughout these videos. Travel to the land of Paul right in the comfort of your own home. Best of all, each video is only 99 cents.  (Or you can purchase the DVD here.)


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