Dipping into the Community Pool: November 18

This week there’s a couple of good articles on depression, which seems to increase during the winter holidays.  Also, a local church made a thoughtful Christmas video that you might like to watch with your children.  Add to this some thoughts on technology and Thanksgiving— it’s a wrap.


No Longer Talking

“Have you noticed that people are no longer talking? Sure, there is plenty of chat in shops and restaurants, but how often do you phone someone? If you’re over 40 you probably haven’t changed your habits, but I suspect that if you are under 40 there has been a change”


A helpful article on depression-

Running from “the Black Dog”

“For years, I lived in ignorance and denial about the darkness that enveloped me. Often I walked around in absolute misery, refusing to admit something was wrong and not understanding what was going on in my own heart and mind.”


Spurgeon’s Advice for Suffering Christians

“Spurgeon writes for Christians who are tossed about in threatening waters of trouble.”


“Social Media” Networks and the Christian Movement: Three Phases

“As we consider the impact of social media in our own day (and the world is full of articles and blog posts on the subject), let me just suggest that both the immediate and constant access to all kinds of information (both good and erroneous) certainly is shaping the modern world and the church along with it.”


One of our local churches made this video for Christmas, desiring to spread the message of gratitude.



Thanksgiving Facts

An interesting look at the history of Thanksgiving Day along with a short video.


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