An Amazing Journey

A simple shoebox.

A simple shoebox filled with small gifts.

A simple shoebox filled with small gifts that results in evangelism and discipleship of unreached peoples around the world.

Each December, a group from our church volunteers time to the Samaritan’s Purse servicing center where we inspect donated shoeboxes and prepare them for international shipping.

Our assembly line

Nobody is blessed more than we are as we witness the love and generosity of countless moms, dads, children, grandparents, and singles who pack their shoeboxes with age appropriate items that will accompany the Gospel around the world.

As the packages pass through our hands, we pray for the children that will receive them. This year, the packages our group processed will be going to Madagascar and Zimbabwe. In the aggregate, children from over 100 countries will receive shoeboxes this Christmas.

Processing Center

The recipients can sign up for a discipleship program geared to their level of understanding. Led by trained volunteers, this outreach often multiplies, reaching siblings, parents, and friends, which leads to new church plants and community transformation.

A simple shoebox.

Good news.

Great joy.


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