Dipping into the Community Pool: January 20

We’re very happy today to share some great articles with you.  Every one of them is rich in wisdom.  If you have children, don’t miss the last entry regarding David Murray’s new book to assist children in their reading of the Bible.  He has put his heart into this and is following it up with videos for your children to watch each week.  Enjoy!


Is Jesus Really the Answer?

“We can focus so much on problems to be dealt with or repented of, and patterns to be changed, that we forget to show people Jesus.”




Faith and the Power of God by Jerry Bridges

“God’s power is as much at work in His providence as in His miracles. So as we struggle with our own faith, or lack of it, in the difficult situations of life, let us believe that God is able, whether through miracles or providence, to care for us.”




Sobering Reflections on the Hawaiian Missile Scare

What if you had been in Hawaii the morning the missile alert was issued? How would you have responded? Several Christians reflect on their personal experience.




Comfort is a Deadly Compass

“We tend to go with our reflex. And for many, this reflex is for personal comfort. When given choices we often tend towards that which is going to be the most comfortable and most personally rewarding. But what if our compass is defective?”




Have Bible Quoters Replaced Bible Readers?

Do you approach the Bible as a sort of reference book, a collection of useful God-quotes that can be looked up as one would locate words in a dictionary or an entry in an encyclopedia?




Four Reasons Why God Isn’t Answering Your Prayers

“Why does God sometimes not answer your prayers the way you want him to?”




Exploring the Bible: A Bible Reading Plan for Kids

Join Dr. David Murray as he encourages children to read through the Bible using his new guide book as well as weekly videos. This is a wonderful asset for parents and children!


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