Dipping into the Community Pool: February 17

Today we offer you some excellent articles on our our speech and how we use it.  Nancy and I just finished a study on the book of James, so they served as an exclamation point for us.  Along with these, you will find a few other subjects of interest.  Have a great weekend!


This simple solution to smartphone addiction is now used in over 600 U.S. schools

Will people one day look back on unfettered smartphone use in the way we now look at smoking on airplanes?




Salvation in the Slums: A Family Legacy

The story of my family was changed by the fact that there were people on the streets of Townhead in 1921 who loved the Lord and loved the lost. They knew that the corner boys of Glasgow’s slums were hungry and were living tough lives, but they also knew that their need of a Saviour was greater than their need of a sandwich.





The Danger of Gossip

Crooked speech is talk that isn’t straight. It is bowed, off-kilter, circuitous, meandering. There are a few examples we could name, including outright lying and even hypocritical living, but one of the most glaring examples of crooked speech that is practically epidemic in the church is the sin of gossip.




People Aren’t Yes-or-No Answers

Behind every yes-or-no question is almost always a series of deeper questions, struggles, fears, and challenges.




Three Important Differences Between Flattery and Encouragement

There’s a fine line between words that flatter and words that encourage—so fine, in fact, that the words used might be identical.




Is Anxiety a Sin?

“Is anxiety a sin? Is worry a sin?”
Dr. Jeremy Pierre answers in Honest Answers

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