Dipping into the Community Pool: March 19

Marriage, gentleness, hospitality, controversy, discouragement—lots of practical reading from a biblical perspective along with a new podcast that looks promising.  Enjoy!


Announcing the Open Book Podcast: Season One Featuring R.C. Sproul

Book are powerful and they can shape our lives. A new podcast, Open Book, begins its first season with some recorded moments in the library of R.C. Sproul.




Cultivating Praise in Marriage

“How then do we cultivate delight in our spouses? Is it even possible to grow in valuing and enjoying another person? The good news is yes, it is possible, but like anything worthy of effort, it requires frequent, intentional thoughtfulness.”




Gentleness—All About Communication

“Are you gentle? Ask yourself, “do others welcome me readily when I approach them?” And “do others easily come to me for help?” Whether or not we are gentle is best measured by looking at how others relate and respond to us.”




Is Hospitality Your Mentality?

“We think our house isn’t big enough, our kids are too crazy, we don’t know how to cook, people don’t do that anymore; it’s weird, they’ll think we’re selling something. Or maybe we think it sounds too simple.”




Why Controversy is Sometimes Necessary

“Is it ever right for Christians and churches to engage in controversy? Of course, the answer is yes—there are times when believers are divided over serious and consequential questions, and controversy is an inevitable result. “




Amy Carmichael’s Secret to Fighting Discouragement

“Discouragement can be a crippling form of soul sickness. It stalks those who serve in hard places and in unyielding spiritual environments.”

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