About Us


                                Flying over Prague

Welcome to 27 Crosses.  My name is Brian and my wife’s name is Nancy.  Together we are heading to Prague to live out the Gospel and serve in a new Czech church plant.  Our desire is to glorify God, support and encourage other team members, use our gifts as God directs, and build relationships with our Czech neighbors.

Over the years, we have served in youth and children’s ministries as teachers, trainers, counselors, and administrators.   We share a passion to show the next generation the love and grace of Jesus as portrayed in the Gospel.  27 Crosses is our story as well as our journey into this new field of service.

So why did we name this blog 27 Crosses?  In 1621, twenty-seven Protestant leaders in Prague literally lost their heads because they stood up for the faith once delivered.  Today, as you see in our banner, twenty-seven crosses commemorate the event.  Prague is a city rich in Christian history, and we think this story is worth remembering as we take the good news of the Gospel to a region that once prospered in the light of biblical truth.

Read about the history behind 27 Crosses here.

Twenty-Seven Crosses in Old Town Square, Part 1

Twenty-Seven Crosses in Old Town Square, Part 2

Dressing for a Wedding



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