Book of Ruth


Love always involves risks.  So how do you truly love someone when they don’t love you in return?  How do you endure in a love-challenged marriage or a stressful friendship?  What about those irritable people at work, school, or even in your church?  Ruth takes us on a journey of hesed love, showing us how to love well, suffer well, and live the Gospel well as we put one foot in front of the other along the Calvary Road.

1.  House of Bread: A Love Story

2.  House of Bread: What is Love?

3.  House of Bread: To Stay or to Go

4.  House of Bread: The Road Less Traveled

5.  House of Bread: Defining Hesed

6.  House of Bread: From Lamenting to Bitterness

7.  House of Bread: Baked in Self-Pity