Community Pool: May 10

This week’s Community Pool includes some important topics as well as a beautiful song by Shane & Shane that you can download for free. 53 People in the Bible Confirmed Archaeologically Here you will find a list of people mentioned in the Bible that have been identified in the archaeological record along with documentation. Eternal […]

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For the Joy Set Before Him: Day Three

The way Christ defeated death and disease was by taking them on himself and carrying them with him to the grave. God’s judgment on the sin that brought disease was endured by Jesus when he suffered and died. The prophet Isaiah explained the death of Christ with these words: “He was wounded for our transgressions; […]

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All Your Heart

Trust issues. How many relationships have taken a great fall off this heaped-high mountain never to be put together again. And yet trust is so fundamental to human relationships. I believe the reason for so much of our pain lies in misplaced trust, trust in sinners just like ourselves who in this life will never […]

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Heart For the World

Although out of print, David Bryant’s book In the Gap: What it Means to Be a World Christian is worth searching for on the used book market. Bryant uses the term “standing in the gap” to press home our call to the Great Commission, to bridging the gap between the unbeliever and God with the […]

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An Answer to David Brainerd’s Prayers

David Brainerd

On Friday, December 21, 1744, David Brainerd recorded these words in his journal: “Towards noon visited my people [Delaware Indians], and spent the whole time in the way to them in prayer, longing to see the power of God among them.”  The following year, January 27, 1745, Brainerd wrote these words: “I was praying (as […]

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31 Days to Pray

World Map for prayer

Frontline Missions International has a free prayer map and calendar that you can download here. The countries in focus are those known for the worst persecution and least Gospel presence. Nancy and I also use Voice of the Martyrs’ prayer app, available for iPhone and android devices.  It’s full of helpful information about the individual […]

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