Czech Republic


The Czech Republic experienced the fall of communism in 1989 during the Velvet Revolution. They have slowly shifted to a market economy, which has had a positive effect on the country. However, the moral vacuum created by this change has been filled with sexual immorality, substance abuse, crime, depression, and suicide. Atheism rose from 40% in 1991 to 60% in 2001. In 2010, 71% of the population claimed to be non-religious.

There is a spiritual heaviness over the Czech Republic as many who identify as non-religious engage in horoscopes, occult practices, mysticism, and other false religious activities. Owing to their history, the Czech people have come to worship their freedom and have a strong disdain for anyone or anything that desires to tell them what to do, especially organized religion. They fear enthusiasm for any belief system because it has often come back to bite them.


  • Area: Landlocked central European state; 29,836 sq. miles
  • Population: 10,627,448; Prague 1.276 million
  • Annual Growth: 0.42%
  • Czech 93.2%
  • Slovak 1.9%
  • Capital: Prague
  • Language: Czech
  • Literacy: 99%
  • Largest Religion: Non-religious, 71%
  • Evangelicals: 0.7%

Pray for the Czech Republic

  • There is a newly translated Czech Bible. Pray for one million copies to be distributed throughout the country.
  • John Hus is simply a national hero who stood up to authority in the minds of Czechs. Pray for a reformation in the Czech Republic along with a fresh understanding of their Christian history.
  • Czechs dislike institutions so established denominations do not fare well. However, there is an openness towards church plants among younger people. Pray for the new Czech church plant in Prague.


Pray for the New Czech Church Plant—DoSlava (Into the Word)




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